Monday, 11 September 2017

Kowhaiwhai blog post

the colors i used was green and blue
it explains me and my brother and the other is my sister AND my little one

My Family

JayDee and Mrs C and Fokus editing together
by jay-dee Lea and Eva Lea.

MY family.
We have 8 people in my house.
They are my mum and dad and I have two sisters and three brothers. That was my dad’s last rugby game for Clifton. He was playing against Tukapa. While he was playing  he was crying. I felt so sad for him.


That hat and that jumper that he
was wearing, he got that stuff for free.
I was like to my mum, “can i have one please mum,”  and she said, “no no no because  that is only for  the boys, Ok.”   

“Ok mum,”Eva replied.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Dad's Rugby

 when we went to Auckland  my dad played against Counties Manakau and the All Blacks I wrote heaps off it here it is
                                                   My Dad’s Rugby Chapter 1 Thank you all those people who commented  and it’s another link to this only comment people >>>>>>>>>

                    Where? Auckland
When? 11 aug to 13 of aug
Who? Family
What? Rugby
Why? Support My Dad
One day I went to Auckland With my family. it was boring on our way to watch my dad’s training at bruce pulman lodge were my dad stayed . My dad stayed  here

Chapter 2
<  the Bruce Pulman Lodge. Then We went to   the tongan team(ikale tahi)played. My family and me went to see the rugby field. We tried to get to my dad's Lodge so my mum asked another mum if she knew how to get to  Bruce Pulman Lodge where all the Taranaki Bull players were training at bruce pulman lodge.we went and got some pie I got b and e pie(bacon and egg pie)my big sister Eva  Got butter chicken cousin Delta she got an bacon and egg pie the oldest in the was my mum but  she had butter chicken pie the same as Eva. And then we went to Auckland

Chapter 3

Some off you know what Auckland look’s like. But those people who do not know what it look’s like here is a photo
auckland-central.jpgof the beautiful Auckland and the Sky Tower glowing at the start of happy new year. When we got there Delta and John got dropped of by my my dad’s family and then we went to my mum’s family’s house to see my aunty ray ( ray< short for Raechel ) well first of all I wanted to show you the Taranaki Bulls poster for this year                 
Taranaki is playing until oct saturday 28 this is A Link to their property  Taranaki Bulls information even more. Today the Taranaki Bulls players came to our school at 8:45

Thursday, 27 July 2017

All About Worms

This is my information report about worms. I wrote it as part of my WIT about invertebrates.

Do Earthworms Have Eyes?

download.jpgWritten by Jay-Dee Lea :)

Yes, earthworms  have eyes, worms also don’t have a backbone, worms have a simple mind. One of the most familiar of them, the sort you may see in your garden, is commonly known as the night crawler (it typically surfaces after dark), the earthworm.

Earthworms like to live in a nice moist compost, like the compost in your garden. The soil that they live in is wet soil because worms like the damp.  Worms like this live in the Frankley Bush environment and like to live in wet soil underground.

Worms are BIG eaters. Worms can consume their own body weight in soil and dead plants in one day. They also excrete (Means of a living organism or cell) equivalent to their own body weight daily  in what is known as ‘castings’. (You may have seen castings in your garden, they look like a long,slimy and they spread germs  

The earthworms predators are a centipede and and the biggest snail in the world and a bird. It takes about 0.42 min and 42 seconds for an centipede to eat an earthworm.

soil.gifWorms are an important part of our bush environment. If you ask a
Question why they are important it is because they help grow your garden.

See the following links for more information